- Full experienced in providing after sales services in domestic and abroad markets.


- providing suitable after sales services to Saipa vehicles and develop the spare parts market share.



The Saipa Yadak mission is to provide after sales services with suitable quality ,  appropriate speed and impartial price to Saipa vehicle also to supply spare parts and develop the market. In this regard, Saipa Yadak applies the development network with skilled labor information, communication technology, technical knowledge and equipment.

The spare parts and after sales services of this company is required for a wide range of Saipa vehicle holders around inside and outside of the country.

In order to recognize our beneficiaries, their requests and exceptations with respect to the genuine values, we as Saipa Yadak try as follow:

Make customer satisfaction with providing the spare parts and after sales services with suitable quality, appropriate speed and impartial price with respect to their rights.

More promotion and strengthen the brand in order to achieve the market share spare parts and after sales services.

Try to create the impartial relationship under win-win approach with dealers network, sales and repair agent and our suppliers.

Making security personnel satisfaction on their job position progressing base on qualification, create their promotion and learning  with impartial salary.

Respect to the social rights and interests and environmental community.



We believe full experienced in providing after sales services in zone to continue improvement base on to our following aims is accessible beliefs:

- Respect and answer to customer and other beneficiaries.

- Participate in making decisions and team working.

- Invention and continues improvement in our work.

- Disciplinary working in duties performance.

- Job position progressing base on qualification.

- Progress toward eminence.

- Win-win approach in cooperation with beneficiaries.

- Mutual honesty and trust.

- Responsibility in company development and perdurability.



Saipa After Sales Services Organization (Saipa Yadak) is targeted with the mission of providing after sales services and supply, distribute spare parts of Saipa vehicles to the customer satisfaction and establishment the quality management under ISO9001:2008 standard.

Saipa Yadak announces its quality policy as follows:

-Supply and distribute spare parts under domestic market and international market in order to satisfy their customers.

-Provide the continuous improvement of after sales services through quality and quantity development of after sales services.

-Implementing CRM in order to understand the customers needs and creating strategies.

-Promoting the knowledge level and skills of personnel as the most important capital and utilization of their participation in the growth  and excellence.

Therefore, I have the commitment to respect the rules and its necessary arrangements and make sure with use of new method of management and continuous improvement by all personnel and review this quality policy in special times.


Vahid Zadeh


پورتال سازمانی , پرتال سازمانی