About Saipa Yadak

About Saipa Yadak


Saipa Yadak Company was established in 1992 to supply spare parts and submit after-sales services to SAIPA products regarding the customer satisfaction. Saipa Yadak covers after-sale services for 15 products including passenger and commercial vehicles from SAIPA (Mother Company), Kia Motors, Citroen, Renault and Nissan. The product range starts from economic Kia Pride to luxuries Citroen New C5 and Nissan Teana to Renault Megan. Saipa Yadak has applied a supporting method of development by doing warranty policies while being active in international commercial world of spare parts at the same time, which allows SAIPA updating its after-sale industry and developing its network throughout the world. Sustaining safe, energy-saving and eco-friendly products, Saipa Yadak has successively obtained quality certifications of ISO9001 and German TUV Nord ISO, ACS, etc. For almost 20 years, Saipa Yadak performance which take Zero Defect as objective have won deep favor of a vast customers. Saipa Yadak has been recognized and accepted by special customers from all over the world.



Number of dealers in Iran territory: 705 + 3 Central Workshops

Number of international active dealers:  12 active ones in Ukraine, Venezuela, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Cameron, Senegal, Libya, Algeria, Sudan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Mali

Number of international pending dealers:  12 potential ones in Romania, Bulgaria, Republic of Benin, Nigeria, Niger, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Ecuador, Brazil, Chili, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan

Whole exported vehicles: 165,632 units

The last four annual production of SAIPA production:









As resulting from the table above, Saipa Yadak has the ability and capacity to control and give complete services to more 1,500,000 vehicles under warranty.


Core Business

Saipa Yadak has a various range of lines to fulfill its internal and international missions:

·         After-sale services to a wide diversity of vehicles

·         After-sale services network consult, feasibility study and design

·         Multi-brand spare parts marketing, sales and supplying

·         Providing services to SAIPA exported vehicles in CBUs

·         Providing services to SAIPA CKD vehicle

·         Diagnostic tools hardware and software design and support

·         Training center (mechanical, electrical, body work courses)

·         Car rentals, second-hand recovery and insurance services

·         Full coverage warranty extension offers


  Spare parts for:

·         Nissan

o    Murano : VQ35DE

o    New Murano : VQ35DE

o    Maxima : VQ30DE ( Nissan Cefiro A33)

o    Pick-up : KA24DE

o    Qashqai :  MR20DE

o    Teana : VQ25DE

o    Zamiad (van) : Z24

·         Renault

o    Megan 1600 : K4M812

o    Megan 2000 : F4R771

o    Logan 1600: K4M690

·         Citroën

o    Xantia 2000 : XU10J4R

o    Xantia 1800 : XU7JP4 

o    C5 2000: EW10A  

o    New C5 2000: EW10A

·         Kia Motors: 

o    Rio 1500 : A5D

o    Pride 1324 : B3 (Ford Festiva)

·         SAIPA

o    Tiba 1500 : TB



For a wide range of above-mentioned vehicles specially Renault Logan


  Workshop Equipment

Saipa Yadak is able to design, manufacture and export any kind of special tool or garage equipments and devices to a very wide range with high quality and proper price such as:

·         Paint Room

·         Body Repairer

·         Electro-Mechanical Post Lift

·         Electro-Hydraulic Scissor Lift

·         Digital Wheel Balancers

·         Battery Charger Tester

·         Semi-Automatic Tire Changers

·         Parts Washer

·         Fuel Injector Tester

·         Car Wash Systems

All of above products are able to be generated under any color or brand in mass production case on order.


Services: After-sale services network design and development consultancy

o    Positioning

o    Feasibility study of dealer business and income

o    Architecture and construction consultancy of the dealer

o    Special tools and diagnostic tools consultancy

o    Online warranty system run

o    Warehouse design and inventory management



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